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  • Devki Devi Jain

    Behan Devki Devi Jain, after whom the Atam Devki Niketan has been named was one of the most eminent educationalist of her time.Behan ji was born in a well to do family of Ludhiana.Her father Shri Prem Chand and Mother Smt. Bhani Devi had every thing money could buy but she made up her mind to devote it to the service of her fellow human beings...

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The School is located in the heart of Ludhiana City, in a clean and posh locality ajacent to Mini Rose Garden..


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Mridhu Ablash principal Atam devki Niketan
Mridhu Ablash

President Message : Our Institution owned and managed by the S.S. Jain Girls School Committee (Regd.) emphasizes on the holistic development of personality of an individual and an endeavour to provide a platform for the young talent to portray the various hues of their imagination and dreams in a creative manner.Our School makes efforts to teach basic life skills, harness talent, broaden the horizons of students, develop their potential, recognize their dignity, encourage positve self-esteem, promote responsibility and nurture their creativity and expression..      Read More

Prinicpal`s Desk Dear Parents " When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness effort, it is ready to climb the highest peak"
The process of learning starts with first breath. Education is the development of human being at Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spritual Level life, which in itself is a journey of thousand miles must begin with a step that is firm, dedicated and above all well guided.
        There`s a lot a school can do, however one cannot discoard the fact that a significant amount of learning takes place at home as well.Blooming of intellect in the firm soil of moral values is the need of the hour, so that we can empower our nation with a zealous young generation.When all the stake holders of the school work as a team, the vision of an ideal education can be realized.

I hope the years ahead at ADN are happy, fulfilling and rewarding for your child.

Atam Devki Niketan
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